Stop the pain today with Purple Rub topical cream.
  • Fast acting, long lasting pain relief cream without the side effects of oral drugs.
  • 30% emu oil to ensure deep penetrating relief in minutes.
  • 100% all-natural ingredients.
  • 100% RISK FREE

What is Purple Rub?
An amazing new pain relief cream using 30% emu oil and other all-natural ingredients. Works great on sore muscles, achy joints, sprains and strains, sports injuries and just day-to-day living. Wonderful for back pain, which 80% of us will experience at some point in time. Fast acting Purple Rub has an enjoyable cooling sensation with the pleasant light scent of menthol. Unlike other "over the counter" rubs or ointments Purple Rub's scent vanishes in less than 30 minutes of application.

What makes Purple Rub different?
This all-natural formulation contains no chemical ingredients. There are no polymers in Purple Rub to clog your pores and prevent the high transdermal efficiency factor of emu oil from carrying the active ingredients deep to the pain. Emu oil is recognized in Australia for its anti-inflammatory and transdermal effects. The 30% emu oil used in our product makes a HUGE difference in Purple Rub's ability to reach pain. No other pain relief product on the market today offers 30% emu oil in their formulation. If you can calm the inflammation, pain is greatly reduced.

Did you know?
So many pain relief products tout their use of Glucosamine and Chondroitin when in fact they are useless when applied topically. Glucosamine and Chondroitin are excellent for joint and connective tissue when taken orally, BUT, due to their large molecular structure they may not be absorbed through the skin.

You want to use a product in which ALL of the ingredients are working for you!

Why should I pay more for this cream than other emu oil based creams or gels?
Only the highest quality herbal extracts, vitamins and natural oils are used in Purple Rub. With 100% all natural ingredients you will need much less cream and the pain relief will last longer than any other topical rub on the market. Combining a new-patented technology as the delivery system, and 30% emu oil, you are investing in an extremely high quality product THAT WORKS!


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